People Portal is a Hub for collaboration and exploration of new creative ways to elevate human potential and create meaning, both in a personal and professional aspect.

The platform brings together visionaries and experts in the fields of Marketing, HR, Business Development & Entrepreneurship, and Psychology who work collaboratively on the development of new holistic and transformational strategies, practices and trainings.

We support people and organizations on their quest for purpose and meaning through transformative storytelling and value driven decision making.

Maria Padalski

Maria Padalski

Maria brings to People Portal more than 13 years’ experience in Marketing strategy & communications, Business Development and HR. Being in different strategic organizational roles formed her vision that the foundation of every successful company lies within its culture & shared values and employees belonging to its purpose.

A believer that anything good comes from good relationships, Maria has founded People Portal as a Hub for collaboration and exploration of new creative ways to elevate human potential.

She invites on board visionaries and experts from numerous fields to design transformative experiences that bring meaning, growth and prosperity to people and organizations.

Angelina Penkova

Angelina has worked in PR, Media Analytics and Marketing for the past 15 years. In 2013, she founded her first company in the area of marketing consulting.

Most recently, she has co-founded two new ventures, People Portal being one of them.

Angelina has worn many organizational hats: as an employee, a line manager, a freelance consultant, and a business owner.

Her diverse and hands-on experience spans dozens of medium and large organizations and hundreds of people.

At People Portal Angelina helps organizations on their journey to becoming beehives of collaboration and shared vision, ultimately leading to business growth and work satisfaction.

Angelina Penkova